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There are not many stories/jokes that illustrate Grace (plenty of definitions of Grace though!) so I made this one up for my sermon on Romans 11 (Reciprocity No, Grace Yes).

Hope people find it helpful.



A Jew, an Islamic and a Christian were drinking coffee on a ship.

Then the ship hit a rock all three drowned.

Next they knew they were standing in front of the Pearly Gates.

Suddenly, a smiling angel came up to them,

Shook their hands, and patted their backs.

He looked over at the Jew, held up his hand showing his fingers,

“Now, tell me briefly why you should go in.”

The Jew smiled so sincerely and answered, “Love, I love God.”

Then pooft, the Jew just disappeared.

The angel then turned to the Islamic, held up his hand and said,

“All right, it’s your turn now.”

After thinking for the shortest of moments, the Islamic replied,

“Love, and also obedience.”

Pooft, the Islamic disappeared.

The angel turned to the Christian, held up his hand and said,

“Well, I think that you know the drill.”

The Christian responded immediately, “Grace, only ever grace.”

Suddenly the Christian was alone on the other side of the gates.

He turned to the angel and asked,

“Where are the other two guys?”

And the angel replied,

“Grace, only ever grace.”

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