Sermon Illustrations

Where I was Pastoring at the time I got 5th Sunday off. I had a favorite fishing hole. The water wasn’t very deep so I could wade in the water. That was fun for me. It had big trees that hung over the water and the sun would shine through them and made it look beautiful.

It was great, this river started as a stream at my friend’s home way up in the mountains. I had actually drank cold clear water where this stream started.

The water could get strong as it rolled over boulders and pushed small sand stones around.

I could spot bass in the water and sometimes big catfish it was so clear. I just loved it there. An hour passed like only five minutes. I reached down to just over my elbow and picked up two sand stones. I moved them around in my hand and they were so smooth. I throw one down the river and watch it skip a lone way down the river.

As I felt the smoothness of my other sandstone I started to think. When God created this river from the highest stream it was probably very jagged. I probably would have never noticed it or picked it up.

This jagged rock became a beautiful, very smooth sandstone by being pushed downstream in stormy water and was beaten against other rocks and the fast moving water smoothed the edges. The stone laid there when the water was flowing gently over it. After a very long time the jagged rock became a very smooth sandstone. People now use these in that part of the country, to build their floors on their porches. And the larger ones to build their houses.

Life isn’t easy but we can over time become like these beautiful sand stones that are used in such a wonderful way.

Rev. Roy E. Fowler, Jr.