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I like to take my dogs places with me. They have their own seats in the back seat of my pickup.

I have a small elderly dog named Bambi who has always had anxiety, I think from having to survive on her own when she lived in the streets as a tiny little thing with no one to feed or care for her.

A few days ago, we had gone to pick up a grocery order and, arriving home, I went to get Bambi out of the seat to go into the house. As soon as I picked her up, she began fighting me. She fights, kicks and squirms hard for a small dog. All I was trying to do was set her gently down to the ground so she could walk indoors.

As she continued to fight me, I tried to calm her down. “I got you, I got you. It’s okay! I got you.”

Suddenly I realized that’s exactly how we are with the Lord when we don’t understand a situation. He’s trying to help us, and we struggle, trying to get our own footing when the whole time, He’s saying “I got you! It’s okay, I got you!”

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