Sermon Illustrations

*Josiah and Jesus*

(Significance of Christmas)

At 8 yrs. he became King - Josiah and reigned for 31 years

@Major Changes

@One of the best Kings of Israel

@Similarities with Jesus Christ


His father was Manasseh and was a bad example but Mother was a good example **(my nature is irrespective of my parent's )

He came in troublesome, Godlessness time

Non Biblical Philosophy was creeping in

**Age doesn't matter for God's work

**23:25 - Bible appreciated and recommended him

**He took counsel from Godly people

**at 16, he gave more time to God and started seeking Him

*Are you satisfied? Or, Are you hungry for more of Him? (Psalm 1)*

2 Chronicles 34?35?

At age 20, removed all Ungodly

(don't go away from God like America, don't leave room empty - fill with God's Word)


At age 26, he reconstructed and repaired the Temple of God - bring the people of God to the True Worship of God - ( focus on God and your life will be in tune with God) - the lost Scripture was found (same happens in our life - Listen to God's Voice above all other voices)

*What is your condition today? Are you excited about knowing Word of God?*

#Word of God in Heart and Life

#Your Word Wisdom will change others and society and Nation

#Obedient to the Word of God

#Break all idols of your life

#Restore Godly cultures and festivals

Luke2:46,47 - Young Jesus was studying and discussing Scriptures with Wise Men of Israel in the Temple...Luke2:52

*God can use you from now onwards at any point of your your time*

Courtesy: Brother Ujjwal Deb, India Campus Crusade for Christ