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As Christians can find all kinds of ways to minister in the name of Jesus. For example, there are 21,800 patients per year who receive chemotherapy treatments in Louisville, Kentucky, and most lose their hair.

When Lynette Le Gette discovered this, it brought her to tears. She also learned that patients complained about being cold during the night and wrapped pajamas or towels around their heads to keep warm. This gave Lynette an idea. She said, "I thought I couldn’t possibly meet that need. It seemed an overwhelming project." But I decided to try.

Lynette’s project was to create turbans for cancer patients who lost their hair. Some of her first creations were sent to a mother in Kansas. Lynette made the woman many caps for both winter and spring. Later, when Lynette met the woman’s 7-year-old daughter, the girl ran up to her, wrapped her arms around her legs, and said, "You made my mom so happy she has a hat to go with every outfit."

Lynette is known as the Hat Lady. From July 2002 to December 2004, Lynette and her now six volunteers made 1,000 turbans providing them at no charge to those in need.

Lynette is a modern day Dorcas. (story from “Faith Life Sermons Michael Tull, Acts 9) The world measures greatness by success; Jesus measures it by service.

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