Sermon Illustrations

I read of a wealthy woman that owned a very rare and expensive MACAW. It was so beautiful. It was so smart it could talk unbelievable. Over a period of time the MACAW developed an extremely irritating and terrible hacking cough. The lady called the local vet and they discussed the problem and the doctor warned it could be dangerous. If the cough persisted she needed to bring the bird in to the office. The doctor listened and sure enough there was a terrible cough. The vet gave the lady some medicine and sent them home. A week later she returned with the bird. The vet said: I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING WRONG. He recommended going to the specialist. She said spare no expense, run every test possible. They ended up at prestigious university famous for treatment of birds. They did multiple blood draws and ran every test twice. They did x-rays and checked the bird’s lungs. Nothing! The lady demanded attention. On the third visit the doctor took the bird into a room and left the lady in the waiting room. The head doctor listened. He heard the lady in the waiting room coughing so hard. She was a heavy smoker and had a smoker’s cough. The doctor listened to the bird and listened to the lady. The doctor came and informed the lady: I GIVE THIS BIRD A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH. She refused what he said. He explained: HONEY MACAWS MIMIC, IMITATE AND COPY THE SOUNDS AROUND THEM. THE DOCTOR SAID: YOUR BELOVED BIRD HAS A CIGARETTE BARK. The lady walked out in anger. When she got home she listened to the bird and then herself. THE BIRD WAS NOT SICK. THE BIRD MIMIC THE OWNER.

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