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Once a pastor was frustrated because his church seemed dead and unenthusiastic. He attended a pastor’s conference for encouragement. The keynote speaker suggests sitting down quietly and creating suspense. Speak on the second coming of Christ. Then stand to the pulpit and raise your hand and shout some single statement, such as “Behold, He cometh!” to get their attention.

So, he decided to do that the following Sunday. He practiced on the way home, “Behold He Cometh! Behold He Cometh!” When Sunday morning came, he sat quietly in his chair until everyone was silent. Then he stood, raised his hand, he realized he had forgotten his line. So, instead he said, “Behold I cometh!” The congregation sat up quickly. It worked so well; he tried it again. Taking a few steps back, he approached the pulpit with more enthusiasm, raised his voice and said, “Behold I Cometh!” He heard a few “Amens.” So, it worked so well, he tried it again. This time te takes several steps back, charges the pulpit, raise his hand, and shouted, “BEHOLD I COMETH!!”

Suddenly, he tumbled over the pulpit and into the arms of a sweet little old lady. Embarrassed, he stood up and said, “I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed.” She replied, “No, it’s my fault, you told me you were coming three times and I just sat there.”

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