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I have several different pairs of glasses. I really focus on one pair. A rose colored pair of glasses makes everything appear rosy. Everything you see will be rosy as we have a rose filter.

Years ago I read about a pet dog. The little girl bottle fed the puppy and raised it to adult hood. She loved the dog and the dog loved her. The dog walked her to the bus stop each day. One day there was a pack of wild, mean dogs. After walking with the girl to the bus stop, the dog started hanging around the pack of dogs and started being aggressive. One day the girl got off the bus and no one was around. The pack of dogs killed the young girl. Her blood was all over the ground and the dogs. Her precious pet dog that she raised had blood all over him. Her beloved pet took on the nature of the pack of wild dogs. The dog had a paradigm shift.

TWO PEOPLE CAN LOOK AT THE SAME THING AND SEE IT SO DIFFERENT. The way you see things will dictate how you act and talk. Is it possible to agree to disagree?

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