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Humor: An Amusing Sight!

Use as an Icebreaker.

Ron, Billy, a Dodge Truck and a Red Lawnmower

Humorous story, in which you can change the names to fit a couple of guys from your congregation.

Make sure you get their permission to joke about them. We know how thin skinned some people are.

Lead in...

As you know Ron is the guy that does the lawn mowing down at the church, he uses a bright red lawn riding lawn mower. When he mows the grass, he usually wears a bright orange cap so the neighbors can see him and stay clear of any debris he might throw their way.

Recently he had his wife drop him off to mow the grass.

Well now, he was out there mowing, when the mower stopped working. As he was trying to get it started, along comes Billy in his beautiful red shiny Dodge truck.

He asked Ron, “Hey brother, what’s going on?

Ron tells him about the situation.

So, he gets out and together they tinkered with it for about an hour and finally Billy said, “I can’t think of anything else to try, is there something more I could do for you?”

Ron replied, “Well, there’s a shop about five miles down the road, if I could get you to take the mower down there for me, it would be great!”

Billy said, “Well I don’t want to haul it on my truck it may scratch it, but I do have a nylon rope, I could pull you down there. We will just take it nice and slow since it is only about five miles away.”

They agreed. So, Ron got on the mower and Billy hooked it to his truck. Then went back to his truck and brought out a little “clown horn.” Handing it to Ron, he said, “now listen whenever I get going too fast just blow the horn and I'll slow down.” Ron agreed.

So, they headed down the road towards the shop taking it nice and slowly.

The next thing you know, Billy is cruising along, listening to his radio and forgets he is pulling Ron and the lawn mower. He gets faster and faster, finally he was going about fifty-five in a thirty-five mile and hour zone, while Ron was frantically beeping the horn, waving it in the air and screaming his head off!

Sure enough, they pass these two State Patrolman who had set up this speed trap.

As they pass by quickly one tropers said to the other, “Wow, did you see that guy in the red Dodge truck pass by, he must have been going 55 to 60 miles an hour?

The other troper replied, “Yes, but what got my attention was the guy on the red mower, in an orange cap blowing a horn, screaming and making gestures to pass the Dodge Truck.”

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