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Now, to the question before me, I shall respond without delay,

about the Christ child, and the reason for Christmas day.

I suppose they deem me an expert, a good witness of repute,

So, I was asked to do my best the falsities to dispute.

I lend now my witness; written here from mine own hand:

the gospel truth as I know it, of that night in the Holy Land.

Consider now, Isaiah’s words, for he named that special child,

“Wonderful, the Prince of Peace, Mighty God,” yet meek and mild.

He would be conceived of a virgin, a sign to reveal God’s plan,

of how He loved the world so much to give His son for man.

‘Tis true, that day came at last, when on Earth God’s Son was born,

as “His Star” shone brightly in Bethlehem, over a manger so forlorn.

The Holy Angels bore witness to that precious Christ Child’s birth;

shouting praise from heaven of glad tidings and peace on earth.

I know that men may squabble about the day it all took place,

But to me, that’s not the point, it's all about God’s grace!

I cannot say that Christmas day was the twenty-fifth of December,

but first and foremost, I believe it’s of His birth we should remember.

Now some say ‘tis me who fulfills the spirit of the season,

but I say it is about God’s love, the undeniable reason.

So, celebrate Christmas, and spread love, for ‘tis always right,

but don’t forget the Savior, who was given for mankind that night.

Now, I must complete this letter, for there’s lots for me to do,

but have a jolly good season, and Merry Christmas too!

Signed, Saint Nick

© Loyd C Taylor, Sr.

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