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Sabina was an art student who had been raised a Catholic. While at college she decided to explore magic and witchcraft and got involved with a form of mysticism known as Kabala. From there she moved into a hippie community, which embraced those things and many more.

She travelled through various other hippie communities, got fairly involved in the drug culture and had various different spiritual experiences. After a few years she finished up on Papa Stour a small island community near Shetland in Scotland.

She says “I was into ‘Gurdgeff’ at the time. It followed a system very similar to transcendental meditation and we were hoping to find our permanent eye and discover who we really were. (notice she is still seeking) I was meditating in my little hut trying to find my permanent eye and I had my eyes closed. (I wasn’t on drugs at the time) And suddenly Jesus appeared to me. His presence filled the hut and he said ‘I am the way the truth and the life’. It completely changed my perception. I asked my neighbour who was a lapsed Catholic to call the catholic priest. He was a dear old man but was not interested in Jesus. Then I asked the local church of Scotland minister to help me but he told me he was an existentialist. I couldn’t find anyone who could tell me about Jesus.”

Three months later (tragically) Sabina finally met a minister who could point her to a relationship with God through Jesus.

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