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And when on a dark Friday afternoon this Innocent’s [Jesus] body was placed in a grave, his friends thought that they were seeing the last of Him. No thought of a river carrying life-giving water crossed their mind. He was wrapped in his burial shroud, placed in a borrowed tomb, and a large rock placed at the entrance. But on Sunday morning, light emanated from inside that cave. The light came from the radiance of that Holy One – Jesus Christ – Who came back to life. And the stream began flowing. It seemed only a trickle at first. And then, then the current in that river started to surge. It exploded and burst from its banks at Pentecost. Its water began flowing and carving its way through all nations and peoples. It has been washing people clean for generations.

And communities have grown where that river flows - communities of people who trust in the Water of Life. We don’t have to look very far to see these communities. They have sprung up everywhere that River touches. You might think that you would...

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