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The real test of a thankful heart is how it responds to a context of crisis. Dr. Arthur Caliandro tells of the 25 year old woman who was flying in a small plane with her boss when they had to make an emergency landing in Texas. The pilot was killed instantly, and she was knocked unconscious. When she regained consciousness, she saw her boss was dead. She was in great pain, and she cried out, but of course, there was no response.

It looked hopeless, but five hours later she was discovered and rescued. It was a wonder she was still alive, for she had severe internal injuries, but she was taken to a hospital and her life was spared.

When Dr. Caliandro heard her story he expected to visit a woman who would be grateful to be alive, but he found just the opposite. She did nothing but complain and gripe about her cruel fate. She remained in the hospital for two months, and none of the staff ever heard a positive...

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