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Lois Stahling is the most thankful person I know. Lois goes to our church at Oak Hills. When Lois was in the prime of her life she had a stroke and was confined to a wheel chair. She is still mentally alert but she cannot walk and do a lot of other normal activities. She lives in a convalescent home and the only time she really gets out is once a week to come to church. The highlight of her week is Sunday morning when someone comes from our church to pick her up. One day I went to pick Lois up. It is sometimes hard to get her into my car because its so compact. We could not get her in if it wasn’t for her slide board. A fiberglass board that fits under her legs and allows her to slide from the wheel chair to the car pretty easily. It is nothing fancy just an inexpensive piece of fiberglass Well one day Lois pulled me aside and said, "Aaron, you know what I thank God for everyday." I said, what Lois. And she said, "I am thankful for my slide board. Because then I can come to church."

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