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There’s a line in a song that goes: “Thanks a lot, thanks a lot…Thanks for all I’ve got.”

Thanks for all I’ve got? Actually, when I think of it, I’m embarrassed about all I’ve got. My mind goes to my garage. Unlike many people, we still fit our cars into our garage…barely.

I thought of garages. In early Corvallis days nobody had garages. Where did they put all their stuff? Later houses, up through the 50’s had only one garage. Beginning in the 60’s houses were built with two garages. Most folks still couldn’t get their cars inside. Then in the 90’s we began to see three garages with a RV pad as well. And it’s still not enough room for “all we’ve got.”

And at Thanksgiving I’m supposed to say, “Thanks for all I’ve got?” Instead of a national thanks giving day it would seem more appropriate to have a national embarrassment giving day. I’m embarrassed for all I’ve got.

It is worth remembering that the first thanksgiving was observed by poor, miserable people. Many of their number were dead. They were at war with “heathen natives” They didn’t have houses any larger than my garage and all their possessions wouldn’t fill one of my closets. While their religious motives for a day of thanksgiving to God are...

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