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The problem with not coming to church is that you’re like the radio operator on the USS California. They called the ship unsinkable. They claimed it was the safest ship on the Seas. But as the night of April 14th gave way to dawn of the 15th the British ocean liner, the Titanic, of the White Star line, on its maiden voyage from London to New York, hit an iceberg. The accident occurred some 1600 miles northeast of New York in the middle of the frigid North Atlantic Ocean. The collision tore a 300-foot gash in the side of the great ship. And unfortunately because it was considered unsinkable it only had lifeboats or life-vests for less than one half of the 2,200 passengers it carried. The ship sank in about 2 and half hours, and only 750 people survived that night. The losses from one of the greatest tragedy at sea might have been kept to a minimum, except for one man. The radio operator of the USS California! You see the California was only 12 miles away when the collision occurred; they could have been there in a matter of minutes and been able to save many of not most of the passengers, except the radio operator took off his earphones to take a nap. You see it was his day off too and he wanted to rest. So...

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