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Not long ago there lived an old bed-ridden saint of God, and a Christian lady who visited her always finding her friend to be cheerful. this visitor had a lady friend of great wealth who always took the dark side of things, and was always cast down although she was a professed Christian. She thought it would do this lady good to see this bed-ridden saint, so she took her down to the house. She lived up in the garret, five stories up, and when they had got to the first story the lady drew up her dress and said, "how dark and filthy this is!" "It’s Better Higgher Up," said her friend. They got to the next floor, and it was no better; the lady complained again, but her friend replied, "It’s Better Higher Up," At the third floor it seemed worse, and the lady kept on complaining, but her friend kept on saying, "It’s Better Higher Up," At last they got to the fifth floor, and went into the sickroom , there was a nice carpet on the floor, there were flowering palnts in the window, and little birds were...

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