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I recall a story about how the wind and the sun were arguing about which of them was strongest. “Look,” said the Wind, “I’ll prove to you that I am more powerful. See that man down on the earth? Let’s each exercise our power, and whoever can make the man shed his coat fastest will be acknowledged as the most powerful.” “Fine,” the Sun replied, smiling. “You go first.” So the Wind howled and scowled and he huffed and he puffed and he pulled out all the stops but the harder he tried, the more the man pulled his coat closer to him to shield himself from the cold. Finally the Wind died down, exhausted from his efforts. Then the Sun began to shine, gently but persistently, until the man began to unbutton his jacket one button at a time. Before long, he had shed

not only his coat, but happily rolled up his shirtsleeves as...

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