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LEIGHTON FORD(Billy Graham’s bro in law) was traveling by airplane and found himself next to an empty seat. He was looking forward to the extra room when appeared the stewardess with an elderly woman, 96 yrs of age. ‘Mrs ____ will be sitting here next to your sir’. As the flight proceeded Leighton asked the woman, ‘In 96 yrs what is the most important discovery you have made about life?’ The woman boldly stated that it was that she knew Jesus Christ. Deciding to play devil’s advocate Leighton said, ‘That is not so great, what is so special about Him’. Emotions arose, words flew, and arms flailed as this woman responded to his unbelievable statement. ‘Please maam, I was only kidding you, I too believe in Jesus, in fact I am an evangelist on my way to preach’. ‘In fact, I am the brother in law of Billy Graham’.


‘Billy Graham, the evangelist’

‘Don’t know him’

‘He has been on...

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