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It’s a little name.

A small word.

Say this little name in public, however, in a way other than an obscenity, and stand back and watch the fireworks.

This little name is like a tiny detonator that triggers a nuclear warhead.

You can say "God," and you won’t get a squeak.

You can say "Our Father/Mother in Heaven," and few will flinch.

You can say "Great Spirit," and people will nod in approval.

You can say "Allah" and you will be deemed tolerant.

But say "Jesus" and just wait for the sonic boom.

Articles will appear in the paper. Reprimands will be posted from the home office. Suits will be threatened by the civil liberties block.

So don’t say Jesus.

Jesus is divisive, and now is a time for unity.

Jesus is an extremist, and that must mean right wing.

Jesus is exclusive, so His name amounts to hate speech.

Keep His name to yourself. Cloister it in your church. Lock it in your prayer closet. Close it between the covers of your Bible. But for God’s sake, don’t voice it in the public square!

It’s immodest. It’s immoral. It’s unloving.

Only one problem.

Jesus is God.

Only one problem.

Jesus alone brings salvation.

Only one problem.

All other gods are nothing.

So speak...

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