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I am told that when President Bush was governor of Texas he had to deal with a lot of conflict. According to the sources I heard on the news one night in December (I tried to check this our with different sources and was unable to confirm it.) He came into office with a legislature that was in the opposite party. Early in his term he met with the opposition leader of the legislative branch with the hopes of building a cooperative coalition for the future.

The meeting was a failure. There was no trust and no agreement. There was plenty of conflict.

At the end of the session as Bush got up to leave he suddenly reached over and grabbed the opposition boss with both hands on his neck and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

The man was completely stunned. He got red faced and stammered "What did you do THAT for!".

Bush said, "If I can’t get your cooperation and help, I’m at least going to get a kiss!"

The opposition leader broke up laughing and that was the beginning of friendship and the end of conflict.

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