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Do you know the importance of water to our physical bodies? When our bodies fail to retain the right amount of water, dehydration sets in. It is the water in our body that determines the vitality, strength, and energy associated with daily living. Think about these facts associated with our body and water:

Ø The human body is ⅔ water.

Ø The body absorbs cold water faster than hot water.

Ø By the time you are 70-years-old, you will have

required 1½ million gallons of water.

Ø Studies show that increasing water consumption can

decrease fat deposits. Water is a natural appetite


Ø If you loose 2% of your body’s water supply, your

energy will decrease by 20%. A 10% decrease in water,

you will be unable to walk, and a 20% decrease – you’re dead.

Well, I think you get the point. And what is true of the physical is also true of the spiritual. Because God has made you with a spirit, soul, and body...

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