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Gene A. Getz, in his book, The Measure of a Church, asks the question, "What is the measure of maturity in the church?" And he lists what others believe are the measure of maturity:

1. An active church (involving people in meetings and programs)

2. A giving church (supporting the church and efforts financially)

3. A growing church (new people coming and staying)

4. A soul-winning church (leading unbelievers to faith and baptism)

5. A smooth-running church (efficient and orderly)

6. A missionary-minded church (supports missionaries around the world)

7. A Spirit-filled church (enthusiastic, emotional)

8. A big church (large attendance, with many programs)

God used Paul to give us a different measure for maturity of the church. Paul says that the church is mature when it functions like one body, where Jesus Christ is the Head.

When Esther was a newborn, we could see her eyes wanting to reach for a toy, but her hands and arms were not yet able to cooperate. As she became more mature, her body parts began to do what her "head" wanted her to do....

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