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Dr. J. Harold Smith tells the story of a fourteen-year-old girl, who refused to give her heart to Christ at a revival meeting he once preached. During the invitation time, he felt impressed of the Spirit to extend the altar call. He noticed this young lady, who was obviously under conviction, as she gripped the pew in front of her, turning her knuckles white. Even her parents knew she was under conviction, and pled with her to give her heart to the Lord, to no avail.

After the service was concluded, this girl and her family started home in the family car. But not long after leaving the church, their car was struck by another vehicle, overturning it and rupturing the gas tank. Miraculously, the girl’s father and mother were unharmed, and crawled out of the vehicle through the open windows, which had been shattered by the crash. However, their teenage daughter was pinned in the backseat. As she cried for them to get her out, they feverishly tried to extract their daughter, but with no success.

It wasn’t long before a passing motorist stopped to give assistance. Tragically, the man, who was smoking a cigarette, wasn’t aware of the stream of gas the ruptured fuel tank had left as the crashed car had slid to a halt. Without knowing the danger, he thumped away his lit cigarette, igniting a trail of fire that sped on a collision course with the upturned car, where the teenage girl was trapped.

In a flash, the disabled vehicle, with its one remaining passenger, burst into flames. The parents watched in horror as their daughter began to scream in terror and pain. But the heat was so intense, they could do nothing to rescue her.

Strangely, in a few moments, the girl’s screams began to subside, and she quietly began...

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