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While the Dorman’s and we were in San Diego for the National Outreach Convention, we went for a walk on the beach by the ocean. None of us had ever been in the Pacific Ocean, so as a wave came in we walked up to it until it faded out at our feet. The wave became a thin sheet of water at the tip of our shoes, and we all quickly bent over and put our hands flat into the water just so we could say we had been in the Pacific Ocean. Now we were not really “in” the ocean in the truest sense. We just got the bottoms of our hands wet. Other people were out there swimming and surfing, but we were in our street clothes, not even wet enough to need a towel.

A lot of people treat a relationship with God like that. They put their hands in, or a toe, but they never really risk taking the plunge and fully entering in. They don’t want to get messy. But let me ask you something: Who was having more fun in the ocean? The Buchanans and Dormans, or those people...

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