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An assistant professor of theological ethics at Duke Divinity School, Amy Laura Hall, makes the following observation about Thanksgiving:

"Saying grace before the Thanksgiving meal is a tradition for many Americans, but too few remember to be thankful the rest of the year.

To say grace, to say a word of thanks as we begin each meal at home or in public, may possibly remind us that real people have given us the gift of their labor, and that a creator holds us responsible for one another.

Saying grace shouldn’t be reserved for dinnertime meals at home. Many of us eat our meals out, taking very much for granted that someone else slaughtered the chicken, plucked the feathers, cooked it, served it and will wash off the table afterwards. This is a given, rather than a gift...

The act of saying grace -- at the end of another chaotic day filled with such activities as catching the school bus, meeting a work deadline and washing another load of clothes -- provides a reminder that those dining are truly fortunate.

This Thanksgiving, may our busy,...

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