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I always use several colors of apples in my fruit salad.

The red and the yellow help make the fruit salad more colorful.

I was pondering about the apple in my fruit salad.

At one time that apple I am dicing on my counter was a bloom on a tree.

At one time that tree was a seed in the cold wet ground.

Many can see the apple on the counter, a few can see the seasons and years that the apple required to

become fruit, even fewer see the seed, the damp ground, the spout, the little tree, the cold winter, the wet

and warmth of spring, the pretty blossom, and the little honey bee flying so busy all around.

Then there is the dry, hot summer, the developing apple, the process of maturity, the ripening, the picking,

the bushel basket, and some of the apples are going to be crushed for cider or apple sauce.

Others will fall off the tree and rot, still others will be peeled for the pie.

Then there is the seemly, cruel process of pruning and cutting away excesses.

Then how about the winds and storms that tax to the limits, but to the apple that hangs to the tree,

there is a plan, so much had to happen before I washed this apple and started cutting it to be the center

of my fruit salad, so much had to happen, I never saw this?

But it is all a process of time.

The Father saw it all, the Father had a plan.

Someone had TO DREAM, they had to act upon the dream, to find the good ground.

Someone made the choice to plan to plant a seed, for me to hold this apple.

Someone chose to water a little developing plant, and hope to the future.

How much time and effort did someone invest in this tree and this apple?

Seems we have the ability to...

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