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The best way I can explain God’s face shining on us is to think about the difference between rainy days and sunny days. I work in the city and try to get out at lunchtimes to walk in the Botanic Gardens. I distinctly remember one day after a period of rain and wind that had made being outside quite unpleasant; however, the sun came out and when I went walking I noticed several things about the sunny day:

- it was much brighter – the grass seemed greener, the harbour sparkled, the flowers were all wide open with their colours showing off to maximum effect;

- it was much warmer – pleasant on the face, indeed it sort of cheered up my whole body to have the sun shining again;

- there is much more life and activity – more people are out and about, they are involved in a range of activities that often don’t take place on wet days. The city was more alive!

How good is it, then, when in the midst of the stormy weather that we often encounter in life, when our spirits are dampened by the sadness of this world, to have God’s face shine upon us? His light helps us to see clearly, brightening our understanding of what is going on in the world and how He is in...

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