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Receiving Signal

Prop: A cell phone

In our church we have a 5-minute kid story in the big church before we take the kids over to the Junior Church so I’ll tell you how I did it and you can adapt it to your needs.

Good morning boys and girls today I’m going to teach you an important lesson. (I had someone in the back waiting to hear me say that and than they called me I just filled in with stuff until the phone rang and acted embarrassed that my phone was going off in church.) Ring, Ring! Oh I’m sorry boys and girls hold on one second. Hello, Hey boys and girls you’ll never guess who it is. It’s God. I’m sorry God you’re not coming in clearly. Oh you can help me get better signal. How’s that? Read the Bible. Okay I’ve got that. (Pick up bible and put it close to you.) Listen to my Sunday School Teacher. (I got my Sunday school teacher to come up and got him close to me.) What else? Listen to my parents. (Since they don’t go to church I told the kids we would pick out some people to be my parents just for today and I did and got them close to me.) Is there anything else? My Pastor. (I got my pastor to come down and stand next to me.) That’s great your coming in crystal clear is there any more advice? Oh if we don’t have your son inside of us none of that other stuff can even help because you’re son is the connection between you and us. Well God that’s been great. Oh you have to go. Okay. Boys and girls let’s tell God we love Him before He goes. (All the children say we love you.)

Now boys and girls does God really call you on your cell phone? (NO) But boys and girls God speaks to us thru something called the Holy Spirit and all of those things we talked about will help us hear God clearer because sometimes we can bring things between us and God. Let’s pray.

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