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Pick someone out of the congregation who you know will be “grossed out by this”. Take a “Snickers” bar, hold it up and say:

“This morning I want to give away this Snickers Candy Bar”.

Then walk over to that person and say:

“Ok, this candy bar is for you. I want you to have it. But, you know, I kind of like chocolate, and boy does that look good.”

Now, I know this will seem gross but, eat the chocolate off the candy bar. Try to do it quickly. Then say:

“Ok, there you go. You can have it now. But, you know, I kind like that nougat part too.”

Again, I know this seems gross but, eat the nougat part off the candy bar and say:

“Ok, now you can have it, Wait I really do like caramel”

Ok, so this part doesn’t just seem gross, it is gross. Chew the caramel up, and spit the nuts into a paper cup you just happen to have handy. Do this until the only thing left of the Snickers bar is the nuts, and then say:

“Well, you I’ve never really been all that crazy about the nuts, you can have them.”

Then say to the...

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