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Many here have heard of a man named Bobby Knight. He’s a famous college basketball coach. Bobby Knight is given to what commentaries on the Old Testament refer to as "ebullitions of wrath." Maybe you’ve seen some of Bobby’s ebullitions on display in television news clips: Coach Knight hurling a molded plastic chair the length of a basketball court; Coach Knight, displeased, putting a straight-arm Darth Vader chokehold on one of his own players. Time and again the question has been asked, “Does this guy need a course in anger management?” I think we know the answer to that one.

And at Texas Tech, where Knight is presently the coach, his sudden outpouring of emotion has reached a new level. Texas Tech chancellor David Smith said he was complimenting Bob Knight when the coach came "charging up behind me furious with fists clenched," during a public confrontation at, of all places, an upscale grocery store.

Chancellor Smith said, "I expressed…that despite some tough losses I especially wanted to commend him on how he handled the last few weeks and in particular the student section at the University of Texas game." "His demeanor…changed drastically. With a red face his response was curt and angry as he responded, ’I always handle things well, and have always handled things well.’ "

Compare Knights track record with an amazing story I read by a sportswriter at the retirement of a university baseball team’s head coach. This coach, while...

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