3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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There was an old seminary professor who was well know for his unusual and insightful gimmicks that he would use in his teachings. All the students looked forward to them every day. One day, he asked the class to take out pieces of paper and to draw a picture of someone they most would like to throw a dart at, and he would assemble the pictures on the wall and then give every one a dart and allow them to throw them at the pictures of their enemies. Each one thought of those who had wounded them, who had betrayed them, some person they never liked, some president they didn’t vote for, some ex wife, some ex husband. And one by one they all joyfully went to the big white wall and taped their pictures of their hated foes onto the wall. Then one by one they took turns throwing darts at those pages that bore the images of those whom they despised. Some threw with passion and laughter as they tore open the paper cutting the pictures of the faces of these people, deforming them so that they were hardly recognizable, and relishing in their accomplishments. Then after the last dart had been thrown and the last injury to those faces had been endured and the last derogatory remark had been uttered about those whom the students despised, the professor pulled down from the wall the wall paper that now was severely damaged by the darts that had been hurled at it. Behind those ruptured pictures and that...

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