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Story: The habits and customs of the Eskimos of North Alaska have been remained very much the same for 500 years, until very recently.

They had to depend on catching the polar bear

for meat,

for clothing – the bear’s fur,

for fat for cooking, and

for tools, the bear’s bones and teeth

However you don’t just go out and catch a polar bear. The polar bear is too big for a man to take head on - so they developed an ingenious way of catching them.

First of al the Eskimos kill a small seal drag the carcass across the snow leaving a trail of blood. They then take a double edged knife and freeze the long handle about two foot deep into the snow leaving the double edged blade protruding.

They then place the carcass over the blade.

And then the game of patience begins.

The polar bear finds the tracks of blood in the snow, follows the tracks and finds an easy meal.

Once he had said grace! he tucks into the food and soon the delicacy would be devoured. The Eskimos are smart, they know that if they take a small seal rather than a large seal, the bear would still be incredibly hungry even after eating the seal.

He devours...

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