3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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If you’ve ever bought a used car, you have illustrated this truth. Someone got rid of that car for whatever reason: they got a new one, they wanted something bigger, or they simply just got tired of it. But that old car that they wanted to get rid of was just what you were looking for. It was trash to them, it was treasure to you.

Or you’ve been on the other side of it if you ever had a garage sale. As you’re going through the stuff in your house that you are preparing to sell, you run into dozens of things where you say to yourself, "well, I’ll try to sell this, and if no one wants it, I’ll just throw it out." That item is trash to you, but you are hoping that it will be treasure to someone else.

That’s exactly how the cross of Jesus is treated. To some, it is trash. To others, it is treasure. Sometimes we treat the cross as if it is the greatest treasure. But sadly, too often...

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