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I imagine many of you have heard the old joke — or at least some version of it — about the man who’s walking along the street one night and comes across one of the neighborhood children inching along on his hands and knees down on the sidewalk beneath a streetlight. The man asks the boy, “What’s wrong, Jimmy? Did you lose something?”

“Mmf, mmf, yes,” whimpers Jimmy. “I dropped the dollar Mama gave me for ice cream.”

Feeling sorry for the boy, the man gets down on his hands and knees, too, and starts looking. After a few minutes, he says, “I’m sorry, Jimmy, but I don’t see your dollar anywhere. Are you sure this is where you lost it?”

“No,” the boy says. “I dropped it over there by the vacant lot.”

“What?!” the man exclaims. “If you dropped it way over there, why are you looking for it here?”

Jimmy looks at him, then points. “It’s dark over there! I can see a lot better here.”

Little Jimmy was never going to find his dollar...

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