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Video Illustration: Movie Pay It Forward.

Clip is from the beginning of the movie were a reporter becomes the recipient of a random act of kindness after his car is smashed at a police domestic scene. The reporter is given a new jaguar by a stranger to replace his old wrecked mustang. He responds to the act of kindness by calling the stranger a freak because he cannot believe someone would do this. He later learns that the man is returning the favor from another stranger who saved his daughters life. The man who saved the strangers daughter told him to pay it forward. In other words do three big random acts of kindness for 3 other strangers in need. He later on instructs the reporter that he too must pay it forward. The concept of pay it forward started from a classroom assignment in Social Studies were the teacher assigns his class the following task: “Think of an idea to change our world-and put it into action.”. A young 11 year old boy seem at the end of our clip comes up this idea. He tells his teacher that he did this not for the grade but he really wanted to see if the world could and would change. The boy ends up losing his life when he tries to rescue a friend in trouble at the end of the movie. But by the time he dies his “Pay it Forward” idea is in full motion across the country.

Point: I use this clip to talk about the importance of changing our thinking. The man...

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