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When I was a kid we used to rent a cottage at the beach every summer. Most of our time was spent on the beach, but when we would walk through town, what would "catch my little-girl-eyes" would be cheap junk like pencils with lobster erasers, or little metal toys that made this great clicking noise. I would beg my Mom to buy me this stuff, and she would say, "Oh, you don’t need that junk."

"JUNK?!" I was cut to the heart!

Not just because she wouldn’t buy it for me, but because she didn’t appreciate what wonderful treasures I had found!

But my Mom was a wise woman. She knew that such "prized possessions" wouldn’t last. They would break or simply lay forgotten tomorrow. Things that don’t last, aren’t worth much. They’re not worth a lot of time and energy to buy or to take care of.

Only what’s eternal lasts – and is valuable

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