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Dr. and Mrs. Oswald Goulter were missionaries in China for 41 years. Then one morning outside of Nanking, they heard the sounds of guns. Before they could even get out of bed, the Communist soldiers came and ransacked their house and tore up their mission station. They captured he and his wife and incarcerated them in a makeshift camp just 20 miles outside of Nanking. Dr. Goulter said they put him in a room with a glass that separated him from wife in the next room, where he could see her. The Communist soldiers asked him to deny his faith. But he said for years he and his wife had knelt by their bed and said that whatever happened they would never deny their faith. Dr. Goulter said he was forced to watch, they propped his eyes open so he had to watch, as one after another the soldiers raped his wife, and then cut her tongue out with a razor blade, and then pulled her hair out and began to scalp her. They said, "Now will you change your mind and deny Christ?" and Dr. Goulter said, "No." He could read her lips and even in her pain, her lips were saying, "Don’t deny his name." They stripped her down, put branding irons all over her face and body, and abused her in his sight. Dr. Goulter said he saw her for the last time as they drug her by her remaining hair out the door. They took him to another prison where two...

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