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Paul Dickson has written a book entitled, What’s In A Name? In that book he shares some of the most unusual names he’s come across. How would you like to have any of these for your name? Cletus Clodfelter, Rotten Earp, Jinglebells Kaplan, and Boomfa Umfumpa. Can you imagine? "Hey Boomfa!" I could add another cruel name to his list. I actually know of a preacher, an associate minister in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, who’s last name is Odor. His parents gave him the first name of.. Ivan! Ivan Odor! It’s no wonder he always uses his middle initial, Ivan C. Odor. Dickson, also writes that some people seem to be destined to certain occupations by their names. Joe Bunt became a baseball coach. Dan Druff became a barber. Two men with the last names...

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