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There was an elderly woman who was a true saint of God in her long life of devotion. She knew much of the Bible by heart and would repeat long passages from memory. But as the years went by, the strength went and with it the memory gradually went too. Finally, there came the time when she was able only to quote one passage: "I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able, to keep that which I have committed, unto him against that day." But by and by that also seemed to slip. So there came a time when all she could say was "...that which I have committed to him..." But toward the last, as she hovered between this world and the next, her memory failed even more. Her loved ones would see her lips moving and, thinking that she might need something, they would bend down and listen for her request. Time and again they found her repeating only one word from this song over and over and over. It was the same word: "HIM! HIM! HIM!" She had lost the whole song -- she had lost the entire Bible -- with the single exception of this one word. And what a word it is! She had capsulated the entire Bible in this one word! The Bible is "HIM." This "HIM" is Jesus.

-Submitted by J.D. Brown+

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