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I say, "my car," but it’s not really my car, it’s the Lord’s. He has just loaned it to me to use for Him. Every bit of metal, plastic, every bit of glass and for my car, every bit of rust belongs to God. And someday my car will be dropped into some giant compressing machine, be folded up into about a 4’ square, recycled and used for someone else’s car.

I say, "my house. We just bought a house. And when you are at closing you realize the truth that even when you finish signing the mountain of papers, that house it’s only at best, "almost mine.” I mean, our new house will be “mine” in 2034, which means I only have 360 payments left. But 100 years from now I can picture my great, grand children standing in front of that house saying to their children, "Now, right along here somewhere is where great grandpa Smith used to live. He preached for a church that started in a school that was somewhere near here and his house, as best we can figure, was located right in the middle of the East Powers Mall. It had to be torn down so we could expand the landing area for our flying cars." You see, by that time, I’ll be long dead and it’s not going to matter what I had. God is going to have lent it to someone else.

I even say "my children," but they are not mine either. Psa.127:3 says, "Children are a gift from the Lord..." (GN) You see, even my children come from and belong to God. And sometimes that’s convenient because you can say to God, “You know, Lord, these children of yours...”

I say "my body," but even the body that I live in is not mine. That is one of the fundamental things wrong with the pro-choice & euthanasia movement. They say, "It’s my body and I ought...

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