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"I Don’t Know What I May Do Tomorrow"

Many times Christians say, "Of course I know I’m saved now, Paster, but I don’t know what I may do tomorrow.

One lady I knew pretty well said this to me. I responded with, "That’s strange, I know what you will do tomorrow." She looked incredulous and I went on.

"If you are not sick," I said, "You’ll get out of bed at the usual time. You’ll get breakfast for yourself and your husband. You will them begin your day with Bible reading and prayer. You’ll do the housework, watch a little TV, make some phone calls, and perhaps go shopping. You won’t rob a bank, murder anyone, cheat, lie, or steal from your neighbor. Does that sum up your day pretty well?"

She nodded but said, "I mean I don’t know if I may commit sin."

I assured her, "I presume you will sin and so does God. We all do, occasionally. If you do, the blood of Christ will cover that sin. ‘But if anybody does sin, we have one who speaks to the Father in our defense--Jesus Christ, the Righteous One.’"

"Something unexpected may happen," she countered. I agreed.

But God will not revoke your salvation because of an unexpected event.

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