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Are You Being Served? was a British sitcom that ran from 1972 to 1985. It was set in the very old-fashioned Grace Brothers department store, owned by Mr. Grace. The program deals with the working life of the staff of the Ladies’ and Gent’s outfitting departments. Captain Peacock is in overall charge on the floor and Mr. Rumbold is the Manager. Gents’ Outfitting is staffed by Mr. Grainger, the flamboyant Mr. Humphries and Mr. Lucas. Ladies’ Outfitting is staffed by witty, plump and multi colored haired Mrs. Slocomb and the typical blonde character Miss Brahms. This sitcom is a humorous look at the workings of a department store. The title comes from the idea that when customers come into Grace Brothers they are asked, “Are you being served?”

When it comes to Christianity are you the one asking, “Are you being served?” Or are you the one to whom the question is asked. Christians should be like these characters in the department store and ask “Are you being served?” Many times Christians believe that they are the customers. As Christians we are not the customers, we are the service workers.

Many ask, "Where can I get the best...

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