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An old woman dearly loved her Lord. Often her cup of joy overflowed. A favourite expression of hers was, "Praise the Lord!" Often, in God’s house, when the minister preached, she would say, "Praise the Lord!" Sometimes, however, the minister was disturbed by this, and he would lose his line of thought - and so he considered how he might kindly discourage the old woman’s outbursts. The woman was very poor, and therefore the minister had an idea. He offered her a parcel of groceries every month on behalf of the Benevolent Fund if she would only refrain from saying, "Praise the Lord!" during his sermons. She greatly needed the groceries, so she did her best to earn them on the minister’s terms. For many Sundays, she kept perfectly quiet during the sermon. One day, however, the minister preached on forgiveness of sin,...

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