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-- Bill Bright, founder and president, Campus Crusade for Christ. Men of Integrity

I know two law partners who used to hate each other.

When one became a Christian, he asked me, "Now that I’m a Christian, what should I do?"

I said, "Why not ask him to forgive you and tell him you love him?"

"I could never do that!" he said, "because I don’t love him."

That lawyer had put his finger squarely on one of the great challenges of the Christian life: On the one hand, everybody wants to be loved, but on the other hand, many people never experience it. That’s why we need to learn to love as Christ loves--unconditionally. We can’t manufacture that kind of love. It only comes from God; and it’s a love that draws people to Christ. >>I prayed with that attorney. The next morning, he told his partner, "I’ve become a...

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