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“A More Powerful Medication!” Genesis 3: 6-19 Key verse(s): 8b: “... and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden.”

I am an asthmatic. Asthmatics often have problems breathing because they are hyper-sensitive to the environment around them. When a foreign substance is breathed in like a bit of pollen or a dust mite, their immune systems go into high gear. Invader! Invader! The body swings into action rushing white blood cells to the invasion site. For asthmatics that would be the bronchial tubes leading into the lungs. In rushes a host of defenders, bent on stopping the invader dead in its tracks. In a normal person that would be the usual routine and after a few moments of defense, the enemy would have been dispatched and all would be well. However, in an asthmatic the body’s immune system is short circuited and it doesn’t know when to turn off the army. The infantry keeps surging into the battle zone and soon the trenches are full to overflowing. The logistics can become critical at this juncture. The good guys suddenly become the bad guys. Whereas the invader created only a minor irritation, the defenders begin to cause a major irritation. Finally, the bronchial tubes become clogged with this “military” traffic and the defense has become its own worse enemy. Literally, the zeal of our own bodies takes away our very breath. Without some sort of medication to clear the passages, a person could literally suffocate.

These series of invasions, over-defendings, and clearings-out can go on and on like a bad dream until a...

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