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Jesus met the man in the tombs, healed him, cast the demons out. Now he is a sane man. Now he can take his place in society. I can imagine him coming home that evening after he met Jesus. His children look out the window and the cry out, "Mother, father is coming." She runs and locks the door. She tells the children, "Don't be afraid, the door is locked, He can't hurt you!" The children are still looking out the window. They say, "Mother that isn't like father at all. He isn't running and yelling and screaming. He's calm. He's walkning slowly. He's very quiet. "Keep still!" mother whispers. Their hearts beat faster as they hear his hand upon the latch. The door will not open, the man knocks gently. His wife does not answer the door. She remains still, hoping he will go away. Then he says, "Mary, open the door. I am all right. I met Jesus today and I am a changed man." She fearfully opens the door while the children shrink in the corner. The man says, "Don't be afraid children. I met Jesus today, and I am different." They approach timidly. He puts his arms around them and loves them. He speaks kindly to his wife and with a prayer of...

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