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Do you remember your high school reunion? Many who attend the 5 and 10 year class reunions just want to impress each other with how successful they have become. By the 20th many have given up on impressing their friends and are just happy to survive. As you near the age of 40 you can begin to tell the difference between the “haves” and the “have nots” – between those who have arrived and those who got lost along the way.

At one such reunion two high school buddy’s sat at a table to talk. Many at the reunion could tell the first friend had found the secret to success while the other was still just a “wanabee.” The “wanabee” asked his wealthy friend about the secret to his success. “Well I’ve asked God to help me make my financial decisions along the way. I’d pray, ‘Lord show me what to do,’ then I would open my Bible and point my finger on the page. The first time I did that the word was ‘oil,’ so I invested everything I had in the oil market. Later I went to God again and when I opened my Bible I pointed to ‘gold and silver,’ so I bought into the precious metals markets. Most recently I pointed to the word ‘gates.’ I wasn’t sure what God was trying to show me at first, but I soon realized God was leading me to invest in the computer markets. With God’s help I’m nearly as rich as Bill Gates himself now!”

Later that night the “wanabee” was back in his hotel room. He knew he needed help; he...

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