Sermon Illustrations

For example… let’s say that next week I get a chance to go to California. While I’m there, I rent a car and drive around the state capital. I’m stopped at a stoplight and I get rear-ended by a very expensive car. I’m not really hurt, but I’m a little upset. I get out of my car and the other driver gets out of his. This guy seems to think that the accident was my fault. He becomes abusive. He gets me mad. And I say some things I shouldn’t.

Oh… and did I mention this other fellow was the Governor of California. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like I said, he’s upset, so he challenges me to a fight… right there out in the middle of the street.

Now… what do you think? Arnold is getting to be an old man now, do you think I might be able to take him?

I think not! Compared to Schwarzenegger, I’m a girly man… and I’m more than willing to accept that. BECAUSE I REALIZE - that compared to him - I’m weak

Recognizing my weakness compared to Gov. Schwarzenegger, is a mark of wisdom. And I’m going to make wise choices… I’m going to get back into my car, lock the doors and wait for the police to show up.

Likewise, recognizing my weakness in God’s presence is also a mark of wisdom. It helps me to make wise choices when I’m dealing with the difficulties and conflicts of my life. It helps me to realize that I NEED God to work in my life because I AM weak. I’ll tend to look less to myself and more to God for strength. I accept my weakness - and thus - I lean more upon God.

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