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God is my strength and power, and He makes my way perfect. --2 Samuel 22:33

The picture in the newspaper caught my attention. Above the caption "Strong Man" was a photo of a workman displaying what seemed to be superhuman strength. He appeared to be lifting a piano up to a second story apartment porch. An explanation under the picture plus one discernible clue, however, told the unseen story. By looking closely I could see a cable attached to the piano. The real power to lift it was coming from a crane above, rather than from the man below.

That scene reminded me of the way the Lord works in and through those who trust Him. Looking at our circumstances, we don’t see God. Yet He is there.

God revealed this truth to men like David, whose psalm of deliverance is recorded in the book of 2 Samuel. Those who observed David might have attributed much of what he did to his own effort, but he knew that it was the Lord who made him strong. God was providing strength from above, even as His servant acted and struggled in obedient faith below.

If we are trusting...

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